Cercle d'Espérance en Mouvement

Oct 23

Prep with Marjorie

Next meeting on: Thurs 14 Sept 10:30
via Zoom (or try Frama.space call!)

Zoom for the CoAH sessions: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85863560302?pwd=bjBGTThhSGxIMmRlM2JMQlpwdEZNUT09

Framapad for meeting notes & brainstorming

Registration form to fill in
Payment page
Confirmation page
Visualisation of registrations

Add to VizList, these, (1st 2 registered for March 2023 and carrying forward their registration):
Pauline BUBENDORFF (not paid yet, ask her to fill in reg form & payment)
Lise CYRENNE (paid 40€ on 7 Feb, can't pay full amount, ask to reg & not pay more)
Maïna MARQUETTE (wants to register, ecomail 22 May, awaiting form available)
Nora BINET plans to register (called me 22 Aug, spoke to her friend Nathalie 24 Aug)
Nathalie TARRALLE (waiting to check with another proposition if it suits her better, will confirm in September, so if re-confirms with us, will need link to pay, as not paid yet; also, add her to WhatsApp group at that point)

Payment page (if anyone skips the payment as Nathalie did!) :

  • learn how to highlight speakers on Zoom
  • learn how to keep a slide visible for all while in breakout rooms
  • look out for Communities of practice in Gaian Gathering - maybe some way to include our Circle?
  • add to maiing list: srailliet@yahoo.fr (Soline LUCAS)

Communication on:
Instagram Zsanna 3Ts
Instagram Marjorie - Experience Mindfulness ?
FB Zsanna
FB Spirales Dansantes
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Calendar Echos
Calendar Deep
Amélie's TQR Fr website
A6 flyers printed & handed out to...Marie Roca

see full details here