Fountain of Active Hope

Wider Circle Gathering

16 May 2023
20:00-22:00 CET / 19:00-21:00 GMT

Jennifer RAMSAY & Zsanna SEBESTENY
Jennifer's website

Next preparation meeting 11 May 13:30 - zoom link in invitation below

Invitation sent 22-ish April 2023
Number of participants for 11 May registered as of 4 May: 9
and their remarks!

1) Jennifer
2) Zsanna (Yayyy!)
3) Lina (not on Google form but coming!)
4) Julia (filled in twice, just in case!)
5) Aneth (:-))
6) Madeleine (Thank you SO much and apologies for my delay in responding!)
7) Yasmin (joining us at 20:30)

Alison Maitland can't cos choir rehearsal.
Sue Bolton can't, cos retreat
Tamsin can't, wishes to stay on mailing list
Rima can't

Signed up for 16 May but not sure if coming on 11 May:
1) Silke : Ahoy mateys skippers and land lubbers alike! Land ho!
2) Yasemin : COAHOI! :-)
3) Pauline : Thank you for organising this girls! See you then x
4) Marjorie : No questions for the moment. Looking forward to it!
5) Katherine Kinlocke : -
6) Pauline's father is ill
7) OK for 16th but not 11th
8) Lucy Aykroyd (Brilliant! - but finally can't make it)

Text of invitation and Zoom link for 16 May:
Are you thirsty for some further exploration of the ripples Active Hope can send out into the oceans of world consciousness?

Dive with us into the spring-water well of pooled reflections!
Add your drops of water to put out the fires that are drying up our world!
Come for a refreshing swim in the waters of collective creativity!

Allow yourselves to float away on the waves of imaginative storytelling and to sail together towards a clearer image of the different styles of boats that the Circles of Active Hope and Work That Reconnects can become, to stay on course for the Great Turning.

Zoom link:**

Framapad for brainstorming

Links for inspiration:

Water words
Aluna: Ecological warning from the Kogis
Marjorie's poem: Wisdom of the Water
Masaro Emoto's Water Oracle

Pauline_Deep_Time_water.pdf (76.0kB)
video of rain without water! (on WA but not uploaded here)
video of water harvesting projects
Water is Life: Davidji

Adama: Ayla Schafer All life comes from the sea...

Murray Kyle - Protect The Water ft. Amber Lily (Official Music Video)
Orinoco Flow (2009 Remaster)
Starling Arrow - Into the River Lyrics: I wanna lay my bones down in the water. I wanna lay my body down on the Earth. Lean in, lean in, lean into the river. Hum with the rain, come sing again, hum with the rain.

Water Blessing Song (This video is dedicated to Dr. Masaru Emoto)


We pray for healing blessings on the waters.
We pray for healing blessings on the sea.
We pray for healing blessings on the rivers,
That they may flow in perfect harmony.

From comments under video:

The first part of this beautiful water blessing song is an ancient Japanese peace prayer. The rough translation is "Infinite power of the universe come together and peace is here now." We are part of the infinite power.

This Japanese mantra 'The Grand Invocation' is promoted by Masaru Emoto for World Peace . Such is its power ,it was used to successfully cleanse a polluted lake near Fukushima. Its pure vibration assists to purify our cellular structure, as we are, of course, mostly water! Masaru discovered and shared the song before he passed and he loved it !