Global Social Witnessing

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  • Changement de conscience
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Durée (si pertinent) Appels Zoom qui durent 1h30, d'accès libre.
Source de la ressource (site, livre, vidéo, auteur·ice) Thomas Hübl's Pocket Project
Contributeur·ice de la ressource Zsanna

Description de la valeur ajoutée de cette ressource Une manière d'honorer notre peine de manière collective, sur des thèmes d'actualité.
Corps du texte (ou tu peux joindre un document PDF à la fiche, ci-dessous) Global Social Witnessing is the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space that mirrors and brings compassion to these events. We shift from being a mere bystander, mentally processing the latest news, to an active witness, responding from our bodies and hearts, as well as our minds. Global Social Witnessing teaches us to gently turn our attention towards rather than away from challenging events in the world.
Remarques I found this a very moving experience. For example hearing Iranian people testifying to their experience and that of their relatives, in one recent call.
Date de la dernière mise à jour (ex. 9 mai 2023) 25 mai 2023