Prep page

The Ancestral Hearth

18-20 August 2023

Summary of prep so far

Host: Freddy Weaver
The Hearth website
Facilitators: Claire Carré & Zsanna Sebesteny

Zoom link for further meetings
Next meeting: 1 June at 5-6pm UK / 6-7pm CEST
To note ideas, here's a Frampad
Car pooling doc on drive here

Echos public info page
Echos public calendar page
Echos private webpage for preparation (this one!)

Roseaux calendar
Roseaux Ancestral Hearth page (à faire)

Hearth welcome page
Hearth Ancestral Hearth info page (needs info on workshop facilitation costs)

1) Pedro SANZ +34 616574228. 28/01/61
2) Kim ASHTON 07855237504. 20/08/82

Sophie Burns

Dates 2023: Friday 18 - Sunday 20 August
Times: 4pm Friday - 4pm Sunday
Suggested cost: £200 (£150 supported, £250 supporting)
(The Hearth needs £180/night, in total)
Pay the Hearth's costs with registration: £75pp for board and lodging (more if not camping)
And facilitation fees (in cash or via Paypal) on arrival
Their b/f costs: £8 (including eggs, muesli, milks, etc.)
Total board & lodging £75 (would be £85 if fancy breakfast and Sat dinner included)

Food arrangements will be:

Caterer for Saturday & Sunday lunchtimes (2 meals - vegetarian - is vegan possible?)
and an auberge espagnole for Friday and Saturday.
Bring your own if you want more than continental breakfast
Paid directly in the deposit.

Next steps:

Finalise web pages Echos with latest links from Roseaux and the Hearth and flyer

  • Roseaux mailing?
  • Hearth mailing?
  • FB Zsanna, Spirales Dansantes, WTR UK
  • Instagram Zsanna
  • LinkedIn Zsanna
  • LinkedIn Freddy?
  • LinkedIn RoseauxDansants
  • WTR US website
  • Amélie website TQRFr
  • Inner Transition platform?
  • Sophie Banks
  • Claire Dyper runs October Books - Transition Mvm Southampton
  • Claire Marie-France
  • Debbie Warrener (London WTR)
  • Dirvler Bradley - Glastonbury Bard
  • Cynthia - when going to Glastonbury?
  • Claire > Xavier & Diana
  • Claire > Nando
  • Polly > Lyme Regis?
  • Martin Paine (for drumming up the troops if we try again next year)

Places to communicate:
  • The Hearth mailing
  • WTR US - create event Zsanna & Claire
  • Zsanna Insta 1080x1080
  • host Insta
  • Zsanna FB 940x788 (works for posts but not for events!)
  • Spirales Dansantes FB
  • Roseaux FB
  • host FB
  • DEEP website - calendar & page
  • LI : Zsanna, Roseaux, host of event
  • Travail Qui
  • TeT website?
  • Inner Transition forum?
  • Maybe try WTR recommendations: 1020x1080 ??
  • Put WTR as co-host (message them with the link to the event so they can accept co-hosting status – share a short description of 3 sentences max. of the event to help them promote it)
  • Link them all up on FB, LI, etc!!
  • Like each other, tag each other
  • Consider Twitter?
  • Schumacher College - send them flyer?
  • Dartington Hall
  • Embercombe (known by Rima)


- Prepared communication:
  • prepared webpages on Echos
  • prepared webpage Roseaux
  • prepared flyer
  • prepared call sheet
  • prepared car sharing & potluck form
  • saved it in Word (as base for future events), PDF (to print & share), JPEG (to share on WA)
  • saved all on RD Dropbox and Echos prep page
  • link up all websites & ensure all got latest version of flyer!
  • Echos mailing French
  • Echos mailing English
Places communicated:
- Echos website
- Roseaux website
- Host website